Sell Offer:New Factory unlocked Apple iPhone 3Gs and iphone 4G HD 

  11 - Nov - 2010

For Sale

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We sell and supply new original Apple iPhone 3Gs, 4G and ipads, these iphones are brand new sealed in the box with complete accessories comes with 12 months apple international warranty and we also offer 90 days return policy. Deliver at home in 48 hours worldwide via FedEx and UPS. We also have in stock the original series of different Nokia phones and Blackberry\'s and other mobile products ...The under listed are the product we offer for sale at cheap and affordable prices.... APPLE IPHONE Original Brand New apple iphone 3Gs 16GB Original Brand New apple iphone 3Gs 32GB Original Brand New apple iphone 4G 16GB Original Brand New apple iphone 4G 32GB IPADS Apple iPad Tablet 64GB 3G Unlocked Apple iPad Tablet (32GB, Wi-Fi) Apple iPad Tablet 32GB 3G Unlocked Apple iPad Tablet PC 64GB Wifi + 3G (Unlocked) Apple iPad with Wi-Fi - 64GB BLACKBERRY\'s Blackberry 9800 Bold Slide Blackberry 9700 Bold Blackberry 9000 Bold NOKIA PHONES New Nokia N900 New Nokia N97 New Nokia N96 New Nokia E90 And different series of Nikon and Canon DSLR cameras.... Interested buyers should contact us via our direct email below: Email: Msn: Skype: bismillahelectincStore Order today with 100% risk free...... City : Ahmedabad
State : South Australia
Country : Australia

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