New High quality HP Pavilion DM3 battery 11.1V 4400mAh -$ 73.4

  31 - May - 2010

Posting ID: 215

Laptop battery for HP Pavilion DM3 is brand new, Original Battery capacity -- 4400mAh and cheap price. We guarantee the laptop battery for HP Pavilion DM3 with a full one-year warranty from the date of purchase, 30-days money back if the battery(s) have any quality problem! of course fast shipping! We believe that our customers should receive the highest quality HP Pavilion DM3 battery at the lowest prices. We stand by and guarantee the quality of our laptop battery for your HP Pavilion DM3. 100% OEM compatible with the origin HP Pavilion DM3 laptop battery Specifications: Chemistry: Li-ion Voltage: 11.1V Capacity: 4400mAh Dimension: 205.20x54.50x21.30mm Net Weight: 379g Color: Black Your Price: US $73.52 City : New York
State : New York
Country : United States (USA)

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